shanice Deterville. Caribbean top model

  Shanice Deterville is a Caribbean story-teller, author and speaker. Admired for her fierce high fashion modeling style, confident interviewing and impressive speaking skills, and natural beauty. Shanice is a millennial and serves as a muse for rising photographers. In 2013, she traveled to Ghana, West Africa, as an undergraduate student, and partnered in her first professional modeling career in a pivotal role in the Coca-Cola commercial competition that won first place. 


     Born on July 3 in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands to Author Stapleton Jr.  and Alison DeTerville, the always adventurous and curious young girl was inspired by Tyra Banks at an early age to be in front of the camera as a fashion model. At age 15, Shanice was trained by the reputable John Casablanca Modeling and Talent Agency where she excelled on the runway and reciting commercial. In 2010, she participated in the Faces Modeling Troupe at Florida A&M University, where she was awarded the FACE of 2011, she continued to lead her role giving fierce runway walks and serving the best high fashion stylist in Tallahassee, Florida. Now an alumnus, Shanice graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Remaining adventurous, this student of life enjoys her time the most when writing children’s story books, traveling, reading books and being an entrepreneur.

Shanice pursued early childhood education for 5 years and used her position as a teacher to sharpen her skills of storytelling and writing. 
A Crystal On The Highest Hill
Why Did the Iguana Crossed The Road


Shanice was costume ambassador for the Miami Carnival 2019
Shanice appeared in her first commercial for Easter in Lauderhill, FL in February 2019 for the Lauderhill Mall.
Shanice appeared in her second commercial for Miami fashion at The Village in Miami, FL.

Shanice is committed to helping younger woman aspire to be their higher self by first teaching them to know who they are in all areas of life; fashion, writing, relationships and education.  Shanice lives through her favorite motto; “together we are strong, individually we are weak”. 

YouTube: Shanice Deterville, Instagram @ShaniceShadell, Twitter @Shaniceshadell


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